Monday, 7 February 2011

Pure Screenshots Part 2 - Finished Environments.

Here's a ton of shots from when I worked on PURE for Black Rock Studio. Although I was the Lead Environment Artist on the project I ended up lighting each environment as well as creating the skydome's and some of the terrain texture maps (.. called color maps in our neighbourhood :) ).

These were grabs straight out of the 360 console.

Anyway, enjoy .....

Pure Screenshots Part 1 - Early Look Development.

Sneak peek at some very very early Wyoming screenshots of PURE from 2007 during its look dev phase. These were done using game ready assets but they were staged in Tomcat which is our inhouse editor. I was tasked to do the lighting, foliage assets / ground cover, terrain and distant terrain (backdrop meshes). I always enjoy this phase in development, it was great fun to do on this project.